Monday, December 15, 2008

Dance/USA Taskforce on Dancer Health Screening- Information for Dancers

The following is the information given to dancers about the health screening administered through the guidelines of the Taskforce for Dancer Health and Dance/USA. The screen has been a 100% positive, post hire process to help dancers work with their primary tool- their body. Results have informed dancers of underlying tendencies and imbalances as well as general awareness.

If you work in a company that doesn't administer the screening please contact Dance/USA to learn more, or lead your affiliated health care practitioner to the screen that is online.

Dance/USA Taskforce on Dancer Health Screening

Important Information about the Screen

    1. This was created to help the dancer, help the dancer.

    1. This has no relationship to management (except, we insisted that they pay you for your time)

    1. The Screening info is totally private and confidential.

    1. This is 1000% for sure.

    1. The Screening info can never be shared with management, artistic or your colleagues.

    1. Your Screening info is protected by the same doctor/patient code of all medical information.

    1. The doctors and P.T.’s would lose their licenses and be prosecuted if this privacy and confidentiality code was broken.

    1. The entire purpose is to help you:

      1. Have better health
      2. Dance better and longer
      3. Avoid chronic problems once you retire

    1. AGMA fully supports the Taskforce Screen.

    1. Other Companies using the Screen this season:

      1. Boston Ballet, Alvin Ailey, Houston, Pittsburgh, Ballet Austin, National Ballet of Canada & more.

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Edward McPherson said...

I've done this screening and found it both interesting and helpful.