Friday, December 19, 2008

Dancers are the Face of Dance. AND we have a Voice.

I have had a few recent forays into the journalistic world; perhaps inspired by the thoughts of this blog.

The first includes a Dance/USA article published in the quarterly publication. My intent was to provide a dancer presence in the the organization. The article is attached below.

The second was a personal reaction to some recent dance news in a large newspaper. I responded to the journalist both praising their dance coverage, but also pointing out some incongruities in the statements in the article. To my incredible surprise the writer responded to my email within 24 hours with a great dialogue on the subject.

It amazes me to think that these journalists and critics have such an influence on how work and the industry is perceived by an audience. But the artists themselves are not powerless in this influence because the writers can be so open to discuss their thoughts.

That is where it becomes our job to be engaged and active in the public relations of the dance world. Staying abreast of the news and commentary, and responding to it is a place to start.

Here is the Dance/USA article.

Mind of an Artist

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jessica said...

Hi Brittany,
That was a beautiful performance this afternoon! You were amazing! I was glad I brought little binoculars to see everyone's faces. I find it incredible that you kept your smile the entire time... and those were a lot of fouettes! I'm feeling very lucky to be your pianist this year. I think my family is tired of hearing me talk about you all the time. =) Hope to see you perform again someday. Have a wonderful Christmas break! And congrats on being published! You're certainly a woman of many talents.