Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reality check- it's your responsibility.

ECONOMIC CRISIS!!!! It is all over the news and the reality is that when our donors and patrons lose their jobs it will affect the state of the arts.

On the left of the my blog I have complied a list of ailing ballet companies. Previously I posted links to information on Texas Ballet Theater and its struggles early this season. Large and small companies are losing donors, funding and audiences; this is likely just the beginning. In regards to TBT, the dancers themselves worked to secure the ballet's future by organizing fundraisers and being ambassadors to the community.

Transparency and collaboration are great ways to stick together as an industry. Again I can't speak enough to the work of Dance/USA. To that end, the winter council is fast approaching January 30th-31st at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. Dancers can attend for $30 including some meals!

Below is a survey from 2004 from the Alliance of New York State Arts Organizations, although the information may be a few years old, it does support the fact that art exists at all financial levels. As history proves, it always has. To me this is hope that although the arts may struggle and need to scale back, it will always exist. It's what we as artists and arts organizations do with out arts and resources that really matters.

* 59 arts organizations responded; 57 provided detailed financial information
* 25 are Arts Councils, 8 are Arts Centers
* 13 Service Agencies and 13 Discipline Based Organizations

*14 Organizations are Alliance Rural Arts Partners

(including pass through)
* 14 Reporting Organizations have budgets under $200,000

* 17 Reporting Organizations have budgets between $200,000 and $500,000

* 6 Reporting Organizations have budgets between $500,000-999,000

* 14 Reporting Organizations have budgets in excess of $1,000,000

* 2 Reporting Organizations have budgets in excess of $10,000,000

*Pass Through (including regrant funds) range from $2,500 to $8,107,100
*22 organizations do not have ANY pass through money

*10 Organizations receive Federal Money, including NEA Funds.


*Grants range from $1,000 to $1,462,000 of those organizations receiving grants
*NYSCA grants range from .15 % to 68 % of Total Organizational Budget of those receiving NYSCA grants *Average NYSCA grant is 22.1% of Total Organizational budget
*The average dollar amount is $115,775; median is $49,500 (includes pass through)

*3 organizations receive no grant money

*15 organizations receive grants under $40,000; 10 receive $20,000 or less
*7 organizations receive grants between $40,000-60,000

*34 organizations receive over $60,000

*11 organizations receive grants in excess of $100,000


*30 organizations receive money from their counties; amounts range from $500 to $156,000


*28 organizations receive money from their municipality; amounts range from $500 to $784,583


*22 organizations receive money from New York State, other than from NYSCA

*$26,000 is the lowest reported salary for a full time Executive Director

*$150,000 is the highest reported salary for a full-time Executive Director.


*The range for payroll as a percentage of expenses is from 5%-72%

*48 organizations offer medical benefits to their full-time employees

*19 organizations offer dental benefits
*23 organizations offer tax-deferred annuity
*19 organizations offer pension
Employee contribution is required for most benefits.
Employee medical is generally included in benefits. Family coverage generally requires an employee contribution. Other benefits include: flex time, paid vacation, paid personal days, sick days, free or discounted programs, parking, transit checks.


*3 organizations reported no paid staff

*The largest reported paid staff is 98 FT and 102 PT

*Most organizations report at least 1 full time staff person

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A Little Tea or Something said...

I hope like heck those companies will survive. My fledgling ballet school seems to be weathering the economic storm okay for now.... Sometimes I think the news is really good at fanning the flames, though: creating a sense of panic that is at least in part artificial. So maybe some benefactors will unnecessarily reconsider gifts to arts institutions---that only hurts us all. Thanks for your post.