Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Few quick resources

Here's a resource for some of the "business of dance" from the industry organization Dance USA.


I have come to learn that not all dancers are aware that Dance USA exists. Personally I have taken on the mission of educating others of what tools exist to support dance artists. Our industry organization is a place to start (and by increased dancer involvement we can even improve it for ourselves!). I have personally found it very valuable to know what struggles the businesses face as we try to create art. I can make the case for pertinent business knowledge when, for example, I cannot be paid. It is not wholly someone else's problem. It is my responsibility to be an ambassador for the organization in which I work's as well as for the art form in general. Sometimes steps are just not enough.

I don't profess to know everything yet, but I am having fun learning. In some ways I hope that this blog connects the dots of what resources are already working for the artist. Additionally I invite anyone to get involved and send your problems and concerns about your "business of the artist".

To this end, I administer a facebook page for dancers affiliated with Dance USA companies. (I will post more on that later.)

I am also administering a listserv in conjunction with the facebook page and this blog. Stay tuned for that link.

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