Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here is my agenda for the Dancer Council meeting at the recent National Performing Arts Conference, June 11-14th in Denver, CO.

I served as chair of the council. Well, I led the discussion between the 4 of us...out of 3,000 attendees at the conference. It was a lively discussion I must admit. However the elephant in the room (or rather heard of elephants) lies in artist representation. There won't be art without the artist, so we must educate, evolve and be enthusiastic about our own empowerment.

2008 Dancer Council Agenda

You are here and this is fun, but how to get the most out of DANCE USA as a dancer.

* What does Dance USA offer dancers?
- Discount tickets
- Panel discussions
- Lobbying for dance
- Research
- News, auditions, postings
- Memberships to affiliate organizations which provide:
° Discount health
° Fiscal agency

* What other needs could it address?

* How do we increase dancer involvement?

*What can we do to make this council vital?

*How can we recruit more members? Getting the word out/ dancer campaign.

WE are the face of dance.

This is by no means a complete discussion. Let's, at the barre or at the bar!

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laura said...

Dancers must learn to be autonomous within their field...there are so many variables that dictate the structure versus agency argument within the dance professions.